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VCI Polyweave Bags, Rolls, Wraps, and Sheets Supplier

Kraft Wrap can supply VCI polyweave bags, covers, rolls, wraps, and sheets in varying sizes and virtually any quantity. VCI provides anti-corrosion protection for increased life of your tools, metal components, machined parts, and much more.

Our VCI bags are used in the packaging of oxidation-prone products such as electrical and electronic components, bearings, and gears. VCI protects them humidity and moisture during transport.


What is VCI Polyweave?
It is an anti-corrosion packaging product made from 10% blue polypropylene weave laminated to brown Kraft paper and then saturated with VCI anti-corrosion coating. Primarily, VCI polyweave is formulated to protect steel products from light impacts, dust, water, UV-degradation, and other environmental changes. It is also non-toxic and non-hazardous, has a long shelf life, and does not require vacuum packaging.

We can customize our kraft paper products to be produced with VCI for effective rust prevention.

Kraft Wrap prides itself in providing high quality VCI polyweave products with fast turnaround times. Contact us today at 1-586-755-2050 for a detailed quote and get started.