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Corrugated Industrial Paper Services

As one of the premiere corrugated paper converters in America, we sell to industrial and commercial customers in the USA and around the world to support their specific packaging needs.

Corrugated sheets, rolls, and pads are converted and available for fast shipping to any location. They are made from 100% recycled cardboard. Kraft Wrap’s performance-based corrugated packaging materials are a great solution for weight reduction while not giving up the quality that you expect.

Corrugated Industrial Paper

Experienced and Trusted Corrugated Converting Services

The Difference Between Corrugated and Cardboard
Corrugated paper is composed of three layers: an inside facing, outside facing, and an internal wave layer between the two known as a flute. This flute provides the necessary strength in corrugated boxes to help them in packaging. Cardboard, a thicker paper stock, is used for lighter applications such as cartons.

Corrugated paper may have different fluting profiles according to the needs of each customer. Some different profiles include single face, double face, double wall, and triple wall. According to the fluting profile and the different papers used, there are different board grades. A corrugated sheet is made of a board grade with a certain size width and length with possible scoring.

The end products from our converting process can be a vast array of corrugated boxes, ranging from pizza boxes, cube boxes, multi-depth boxes, square pads, and printer’s boxes among many others.

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