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  • Contract Paper Converting

    Contract Paper Converting

    We specialize in quick turnaround times, narrow widths and custom packaging solutions. Kraft Wrap can meet your custom, contract paper converting needs for any order volume for rolls, sheets, tubes, and cores.

  • Paper Sheeting

    Paper Sheeting

    Cutting your rolls into paper sheets to your exact specifications. Our equipment can hold roll widths from XX" to a XX" with maximum roll diameter of XX”.

  • Paper Die Cutting

    Paper Die Cutting

    Paper die cutting and paperboard die cutting services for the food service, cosmetics, retail, and other industries. Finishing capabilities include slitting, rewinding, converting, and laminating.

  • Industrial Paper & Packaging

    Industrial Paper & Packaging

    Kraft Wrap is your one-stop packaging supplier. We offer a vast array of industrial paper and packaging solutions including paper converting, bag kraft converting, corrugated paper and much more.

  • Corrugated Industrial Paper

    Corrugated Industrial Paper

    Corrugated paper converting expertise serving buyers with prompt, reliable service and proven, industry-leading quality. Corrugated cardboard sheets and rolls available for shipment worldwide.

  • VCI Rust Inhibiting Paper

    VCI Rust Inhibiting Paper

    We're a supplier of VCI rust inhibiting paper available in rolls and sheets. Learn more about our range of corrosion protection solutions.

  • VCI Polyweave

    VCI Polyweave

    VCI polyweave, an anti-corrosion packaging product, is a strong wrap and nearly impossible to tear or scuff. Also available without VCI.

  • Kraft Paper

    Kraft Paper

    Meeting your packaging needs with a wide variety of recycled kraft paper. Custom converting of rolls and sheets with the ability to provide standard counter rolls.

  • Non-Woven Fabrics & Textiles

    Non-Woven Fabrics & Textiles

    Nonwoven fabrics and textiles are among the most versatile materials on the market today. These are unlike other fabrics and substrates that are made by knitting, weaving or other processes. Kraft Wrap can supply these products for your packaging needs.

  • Chipboard/SBS Board

    Chipboard/SBS Board

    Kraft Wrap carries a high-quality chipboard which is paperboard made from reclaimed paper stock. SBS board is of higher quality and a more expensive paperboard and we can supply this also.

  • Corner Boards

    Corner Boards

    Kraft Wrap offers corner boards and edge boards constructed from rigid cardboard providing strong edge protection that adds vertical support. This helps maintain your load integrity and improves packaging stacking strength.

  • Mailing Tubes / Cores

    Mailing Tubes / Cores

    We serve paper tube needs including custom mailing tubes, shipping and packaging tubes, rewind cores, spools, and assorted ends. Providing custom paperboard parent cores for the converting, film, and winding industries.

  • Industrial Sewing

    Industrial Sewing

    Cutting and sewing services for industrial fabrics, with production capacity ranging from consecutive large runs to one-off prototypes. Single, double, and serge stitch.

  • Specialty Papers

    Specialty Papers

    Featuring: recycled and bleach kraft paper, polycoated kraft paper and liner board, waxed kraft one and two sided coated, newsprint, freezer wrap, steel wrap, polyweave with or without VCI, silicone release paper, VCI paper and bags, and dunnage paper.

  • Tuf-Tec Tarps

    Tuf-Tec Tarps

    Tuffpaulin is a special type of tarpaulin. The new technology is 5X stronger than any woven tarp on the market. Six criss cross laminated layers in the film make bonding perfect for superior strength and durability. 100% recyclable with excellent UV protection. Wholesale distributors.