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Corner Boards and Edge Protectors for Packaging

Kraft Wrap can supply popular grades of unprinted Corner Boards to your facility with cost efficiency in mind. They are valued for their superior strength and packaging protection. We use 100% recycled corner boards, making them the perfect eco-friendly packaging solution used in many industries.

Our paper converting service is conveniently located near Detroit, Michigan and we have over 45 years of hands-on experience. Kraft Wrap has established itself as one of the best paper converting companies in America as a result.

Corner Board
For secure packaging, Corner Board is in high demand because it solves a wide range of challenges in shipping, handling, and storage. Corner Board provides heavy cardboard edge protection as well as load containment, stabilization, and uniform weight distribution throughout the transportation process. Our Corner Boards are manufactured with multiple layers of paperboard, which are glued and formed into a right angle. Kraft Wrap has many Corner Board sizes, configurations, and options available to suit your exact needs.


Edge Protectors for Packaging
Edge Protectors are a shorter version of our Corner Boards and are generally under 12 inches long. They provide specific profile protection from any damage that can be caused by cargo straps during the shipping and storing of palletized loads and stacked products.

Also, our Corner Board and edge protection products can be custom made with your logo on them.

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