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Tuf Tec Tarps

Tuf Tec Tarps is part of the Kraft Wrap family of companies. We are the exclusive US-authorized distributors east of the Rockies and for Canada. This woven tarp represents an industry first in its features. No other tarpaulin on the market can compare to Tuf Tec Tarps.

Tuffpaulin is a Special Type of Tarpaulin
Tuffpaulin, the material used to make Tuf Tec tarps, is a very strong and flexible material designed to be waterproof or water resistant. As a result, it has rightfully earned its reputation as “The Toughest Tarpaulin.” It resists high winds and airborne objects with its multi-layer cross-laminated technology. It is ideal for consumer, commercial, construction, agricultural, and domestic applications, as well as farming.

Tuf-Tec Tarps
Tuf-Tec Tarps
Tuf-Tec Tarps
Tuf-Tec Tarps

Tuf Tec Tarp Features:

  • Industry first strength and durability design
  • Proven to be 5X stronger than any woven tarp currently on the market
  • Six-layer cross laminated film technology
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High puncture resistance
  • Superior UV protected for up to 5 years
  • 100% recyclable
  • Keeps temperatures low
  • Water proof
  • Double 1/2″ #3 aluminum grommet in all corners with reinforced area around grommets
  • USA technology
  • Available in various thickness and colors

What Can These Tarps Be Used For?

  • Outdoor storage tarps
  • Pond liners
  • Concrete blankets
  • Under car blankets
  • Agricultural ground liners
  • Greenhouse applications
  • Truck body cover
  • Truck load cover
  • Car and bike cover
  • Grain covers
  • Poultry curtains
  • Fumigation cover
  • Wood cover tarp
  • Industrial equipment cover
  • Create a tent for camping, events
  • Many More!
Tuf-Tec Tarps
Tuf-Tec Tarps
Tuf-Tec Tarps
Tuf-Tec Tarps

Where To Buy Tuf Tec Tarps

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Kraft Wrap donates 1,800 tarps to The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services.


Tuf Tec tarps can be purchased wholesale, in bulk, by the case, as shown above. Call us today at 1-586-755-2050 today to find out more information about these truly unique tarps.